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Trwy defnyddio ymchwiliad sydyn gallwn ddangos gwasanaethau sy'n agored i Gymru oll.

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What users of the helpline services department can expect

  • We will be available to take your call at any time during our advertised opening hours
  • We will aim to answer your call within three rings whenever possible
  • We will respond to SMS messages within 12 hours of receipt of your text
  • We will respond to voicemail messages within 4 hours
  • Requests for literature will be processed within three working days
  • At busy times if we are unable to answer your call immediately and you decide to wait in the queue for an operator, we will take your call in strict rotation
  • We will not retain any personal information regarding your call but will collate statistical information which will not identify you as an individual
  • Complaints regarding our service will be dealt with in line with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Complaints Procedure
A copy of these aims and any Policy documents they relate to can be provided in writing upon request.



Nod CALL yw darparu gwybodaeth ar y we i bawb yng nghymru beth bynnag yw eu abledd corfforol a pha bynnag gwe fannoedd chwilio maent yn eu ddefnyddio. Rydym yn benderfynnol yn ein hachos i wneud yn siwr bod pawb yn medru defnyddio ein gwasanaeth. Byddwn hefyd yn ymateb i anghenion bobl anabl yn yr holl waith y mae CALL yn ei gyflawni.



Gwybodaeth Personol Cyfrinachol yn CALL: Mae ffeiliau log yn cael eu trefnu a'u cyfrifo i gadw cofnod o'r holl ceisiau sy'n cael eu prosesu dry we fan CALL. Mae'r ffeiliau yn cael eu arolygu'n fanwl i gofnodi y defnydd sy'n cael ei wneud o'rt we fan. Mae'r gwybodaeth sy'n cael ei gasglu gan CALL yn cael ei gadw'n sff a ni chaniateir rhannu y gwybodaeth hefo unrhyw berson arall arwahan i'r person a wnaeth y cais.



Mae CALL yn ceisio eu gorau i wneud yn siwr bod y gwybodaeth ar we fannau CALL yn gywir ac yn ddibyniadwy ac o fewn polisiau diffienedig CALL. Beth bynnag nid yw CALL yn gwarantu fod y gwybodaeth ar eu gwe fannau , neu eu cysylltiadau gwe fannau yn holl gywir, yn gyflawn nac yn gyfoes ar unrhyw adeg. Gall y gwybodaeth gael ei newid unrhyw amser. Bwriad y defnyddiadau sy'n cael eu cynnig gan CALL yw i helpu defnyddiwyr yng Nghymru i gysylltu a gwasanethau iechyd a darparu gwybodaeth yn unig. Nid ydy'r gwybodaeth i gael ei ddefnyddio fel cyngor ar ben ei hun. Rhaid ceisio cyngor arbennigol gan Ymarferwr Iechyd Proffesiynol ar gyfer amgylchiadau arbennig. Mae'r cynnwys ar we fannau CALL yn cael ei reoli gan amryw o ganllawiau a pholisiau.

SMS Messages: This is not a completely confidential service as your telephone number is displayed when we receive your message. To maintain your security we will delete your messages after two months along with any paper copies that we hold.

The Helpline uses caller number display. This means that your telephone number is visible to us when you make contact unless you take action i.e. withhold your number.



The provision on the CALL website of a link to another Website does not constitute any authorisation to access material held at that location. Links to sites are provided for informational purposes only and no responsibility is accepted for the quality of resources to be found on such websites. The contents and material made available on linked sites are completely outwith our control and as such no liability is accepted for any damages resulting from accessing or failing to access these sites. No endorsement is expressed or implied by the presence of a link on the CALL website. The contents of a linked-to website may change without our knowledge and as a result, links may break or may terminate on pages which were not the original targets of a link. No responsibility or liability for the privacy of personal information is accepted for linked to websites, as these are beyond our control.


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