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Using 'Quick Search' will return Mental Health helpline agencies that serve the whole of Wales.

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Helpline Questionnaire

This questionnaire is anonymous; we do not ask for any personal information on the form. The information collected will be used to collect statistics on how effective the helpline has been in providing callers with the information or support they requested.

General Information

Question Please tell us where you found out about the helpline service? For example, which person/organisation/service gave you the number or if you obtained it for yourself from the Internet or Yellow Pages.
Your Answer
Question Where you able to get through to the helpline on your first attempt?
Your Answer  Yes      No
Question If, when you called, the service was busy and you were held in a queue, did you:-
Your Answer Leave a message on the answer machine:  Yes      No
Hang up and redial:  Yes      No

About your experience of using the service

Question Did the helpline provide you with the support that you needed?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure
Question Was the helpline operator polite and helpful when dealing with your call?
Your Answer  Yes      No
Question How would you rate the service that you received overall?
Your Answer  Excellent
 Very Satisfactory
 Extremely Poor
Question Has contacting the helpline for emotional support, information or leaflets improved your ability to cope with your problems?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure
Question Were you calling for yourself or on behalf of someone else?
Your Answer  Self      Someone Else
Question Do you feel you were given enough time to talk through your difficulties?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure
Question Do you feel that the person who answered your call understood your problems?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure

Information we sent to you

Question Did you understand the information that was sent to you?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure
Question Was the information you received useful and relevant?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure
Question Do you feel more able to cope with your problems/difficulties as a result of reading the information?
Your Answer  Yes      No      Not sure

About the service we offer

Question Do you have any compliments/complaints about the service you received?
Your Answer


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