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Mental Health Helpline For Wales

Community Advice & Listening Line

Offering a confidential listening and support service


0800 132 737

Or text help to


SANE Services


St. Mark`s Studios
14 Chillingworth Road
N7 8QJ


0300 304 7000

Office Telephone:

020 3805 1790


Web Site:


Mon: 16:30 - 22:30
Tue: 16:30 - 22:30
Wed: 16:30 - 22:30
Thu: 16:30 - 22:30
Fri: 16:30 - 22:30
Sat: 16:30 - 22:30
Sun: 16:30 - 22:30


SANEline number cannot operate at the moment, you can leave a message on 07984 967 708 giving your first name and a contact number, and one of the helpline professionals or senior volunteers will call you back as soon as practicable. You can also email us at, and will respond as soon as possible. Normal Support Forum and Textcare services are still open. Email, Textcare and online services available 24 hours a day. SANE is a national mental health charity that provides emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including families, friends and carers. One-to-one support: Helpline: 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm 10.30pm daily) Textcare: Peer support: Support Forum:

If you need more information on this agency or other agencies offering a similar service, please phone CALL Helpline on 0800 132 737.