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Active Monitoring Wales - Mind


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Check with your local Mind for availability. Available in Welsh Whether youíre experiencing new stress or anxiety because of the coronavirus pandemic, or have longer-term issues with depression, anger or self-esteem, sign up to a six-week guided self-help course which can help with the following: * Anxiety * Depression * Self-esteem * Stress * Feeling alone * Managing anger * Grief and loss Each week, an Active Monitoring Practitioner will send information and workbooks and call to offer support and guidance. Active Monitoring helps by giving you insight into your mental health and giving you practical ways to understand and manage your emotions. By the end of the course, you should have more understanding of feelings, why you are experiencing them and how to manage them, and feel more in control. To sign up for Active Monitoring you need to be over 18, just fill in your contact details on the website and a trained team member will be in touch within a week, to talk through the service and how it can help you. If you don`t have access to the internet, please contact your local Mind service or contact Mind Info Line 0300 123 3393.

Os ydych angen mwy o wybodaeth am yr asiantaeth yma neu unrhy asiantaeth arall syín cynnig gwasanaeth ffoniwch y llinell gymorth ar 0800 132 737.